How it works

We are observing and recording on a weekly basis through the Spring and early Summer.   Record what you see either in your garden, or walking in the Triangle or even looking out your window.  Record what you see overhead too.   Below you will see a list, with pictures, of what you might discover.  

This website is structured so that you can use a smart phone (or computer) to submit what you see.  The submit data page above has a list of pictures. Simply tell us the week your submitting data for and then tap the relevant picture of what you see. Only tap twice if you see a pair and tap three times for three together etc. Don't tap twice if it's the same bird (for example) that's just flown back. If you see something not shown then tell us and we'll look to add it. Once you've finished - press the button to submit what you've seen to the database   You can do this multiple times during the week.  It easy and low on faff. You will have to register to submit data on the site (just an email address and a name). These details will be deleted at the end of the census.

Another way to submit data to us is to print or download this MS Word data collection sheet.  Instructions for doing this can be found in this useful guide along with all the photos shown below.